Consumer Information on Repossessions, Collections and Process Serving

We would like to assure you that we are licensed through the Consumer Protection Act of Manitoba and through the Government of Saskatchewan.  We act on behalf of small business and larger institutions.


If your car has been repossessed or you have been visited by a Bailiff, please phone us at 1-888-726-0813 (Option 3) during business hours and we will explain why such actions are being taken. In addition, we may be able to assist you with redemption of the loan, obtaining personal property from the vehicle or providing the location of the vehicle.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY UNTIL YOU HAVE DISCUSSED IT WITH OUR TEAM.  NO CREDIT CARD OR ETRANSFER PAYMENTS ARE ACCEPTED FOR REPOSSESSIONS.


If you have received a letter or notice from our office and would like to discuss it with someone, please call our office at 1-888-726-0813 and speak to our friendly representatives regarding your situation. We can let you know if the business to whom you owe money will allow payment arrangements.

If you feel that an account has been listed for collection in error please feel free to write our office a letter of dispute or email us at We request that notice of any dispute be brought to our attention within one week of getting notice of the account.  We would be happy to help you determine your rights and obligations in the matter.

If you would like to make payment electronically (on a collection account only – not a repossession), please send payment via etransfer to

Please note that we take your privacy very seriously. We will be asking for identifying information when you call us. We will not speak to anyone other than the debtor or loan holder about an account without written permission. See our privacy policy for more information.


If you have been visited by a Bailiff or Process Server and neither of the above situations pertain to you, please phone us at 1-888-726-0813 (Option 1) during business hours and we will explain why we visited.  Our team also law firms and other companies with serving legal and other documents.


Our offices are locked – please do not attend without making a specific appointment.