Bailiff Seizures

TCBS is known in the industry as being as one of the top bailiff companies in the country. Respectful, professional staff treat debtors with firmness yet with compassion and respect. Our bailiffs make all efforts to effect seizures quickly and efficiently at a reasonable price.


Process Serving

Save time and confusion by using our team for your process serving needs. To ensure your documents are properly served, our team can help you navigate confusing service requirements and ensure your documents are served in a timely manner. Contact our process serving department today!



Reduce your collection staffing costs by using our "no collection-no charge" program for basic accounts that don't require legal action. Licensed under both the Consumer Protection act of Manitoba and the Consumer Protection Act of Saskatchewan we offer competitive commission rates.


Trend Collection and Bailiff Services Ltd. is Licensed under the Consumer Protection Act of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Call Trend Collection and Bailiff Services Ltd. for All Your Manitoba Collection Needs.

Our experienced staff offer professional, courteous and timely follow-up on accounts and bailiff seizures. We also assist law firms and other organizations with serving legal documents in accordance with provincial and federal regulations.


Frequently Asked Questions


If your vehicle has been seized, please contact our office at 1-888-726-0813 and speak to someone in our office. We will attempt to answer all of your questions and assist you in any way we can. You may be asked to provide information or confirm your identity when you call.

We take cash, certified cheques, money orders and (in some cases) e-transfers or credit cards. Please call us at 1-888-726-0813 for the type of payment allowable in your circumstance.

A bailiff is a licensed individual or company licensed under the Consumer Protection Act of Manitoba or Saskatchewan who effects seizures on behalf of lienholders or other entities i.e. landlords. We are not normally involved in Court Ordered seizures unless specifically ordered by the Court.